Evangelism -- Study Guide


Chapter 20 — The Message Triumphant


A. Read pages 692-707 EVANGELISM. Ev-SG 54.1

B. Test Your Comprehension Ev-SG 54.2

Supply the proper words in the quotations below, and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found. Ev-SG 54.3

1. “The time is coming when there will be as many _________________ in a day as there were on the day of ___________________________, after the disciples had received the Holy Spirit.” (692:2) Ev-SG 54.4

2. “When the storm of ______________________________ really breaks upon us, the _____________________sheep will hear the _________________________________ Shepherd’s voice.” (693:2) Ev-SG 54.5

3. “God will soon do great ____________________________ for us, if we lie _____________________ and _____________________________ at His feet . . . Ev-SG 54.6

More than _________________ _________________ will soon be converted in one ________________________, most of whom will ___________________________ their first convictions to the _______________________of our _________________.” (693:3) Ev-SG 54.7

4. What power will again be revealed? (693:4)_____________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 54.8

5. What are the reasons Christ’s Second Coming has been delayed? (694:2,3,4)
a. ___________________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________________
c. ___________________________________________________________
Ev-SG 54.9

6. Who has taken advantage of this delay? (694:5) __________________________ Ev-SG 54.10

7. “It was not the ____________________________________of God that the coming of Christ should be thus _______________________. God did not design that His people, Israel, should wander __________ years in the wilderness. He promised to lead them ________________ to the land of Canaan, and establish them there a holy, healthy, happy people. But those to whom it was first preached, went not in ‘because of ______________________________.’ Their hearts were filled with murmuring, rebellion, and hatred, and He could not fulfill His ____________________________with them.” (696:1) Ev-SG 55.1

8. “The ________________________ sins have __________________ the entrance of modern Israel into the heavenly Canaan. In neither case were the promises of God at ________________________________.” (696: 2) Ev-SG 55.2

9. How can we yet hasten the Lord’s coming? (696:4) ____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 55.3

10. “When we bring our hearts into _______________________________ with Christ, and our lives into ________________________________ with His work, the ____________________ that fell on the disciples on the day of Pentecost _________________ __________________ on us.” (697:4-698:0) Ev-SG 55.4

11. “The _____________________________ did not ask for a blessing for _________________________. They were _____________________ with the burden of ____________________________. The gospel was to be carried to the ____________________ of the earth, and they ___________________________ the endowment of power that Christ had promised. Then it was that the _____________________________________________ was poured out, and ______________ were converted in a day.” (699:1) Ev-SG 55.5

12. “The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the _______________________ is looked forward to as in the ________________________________; but it is the privilege of the church to have it ____________________. Seek for it, pray for it, believe for it. We must have it, and Heaven is waiting to bestow it.”(701:2) Ev-SG 55.6

13. “It is our work ______________________________________to __________________________ our souls to Christ, that we may be fitted for the time of _________________________from the ________________________________of the Lord — fitted for the baptism of the Holy Spirit . . .” (702:0) Ev-SG 55.7

14. What will happen when the angels loose the winds of strife? (704:1) _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 55.8

Ev-SG 56.1

16. “Among ______________________ inhabitants, ________________ in every land, there are those who have not ____________________ the knee to Baal. Like the stars of heaven, which appear only at night, these faithful ones will ____________________ ________________ when darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people . . . . The darker the __________________________________________________, the more brilliantly will they ________________________________.” (706:4-707: 0) Ev-SG 56.2

17. “The work is soon _____________________ ___________________. The members of the church militant who have proved ____________ will become the church __________________________.” (707:1) Ev-SG 56.3

18. Our General, who never makes a mistake, is still telling us to do what? (707:2) _____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 56.4

C. For Meditation Ev-SG 56.5

1. Like the early disciples, do I have a passionate zeal to tell others the story of redemption?

Ev-SG 56.6

2. Am I willing to completely yield my life to Christ today?

Ev-SG 56.7

3. Do I desire with all my heart to be a part of the church triumphant? If so, am I at present a militant member?

Ev-SG 56.8