Evangelism -- Study Guide


Chapter 18 — Dealing with False Science, Cults, Isms, and Secret Societies


A. Read pages 589-627 in EVANGELISM. Ev-SG 50.1

B. Test Your Comprehension Ev-SG 50.2

Supply the proper words in the quotations below, and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found. Ev-SG 50.3

1. “Men boldly teach for ___________________ the commandments of __________________; and as traditions pass on from age to age, they acquire a power over the human mind. But ___________ does not make error _________________________, neither does its burdensome weight cause the plant of truth to become a parasite.” (589:1) Ev-SG 50.4

2. “All should ____________________ ______________________ with God’s Word; because Satan perverts and ___________________ Scripture, and men follow his example by presenting part of God’s Word to those whom they wish to lead in false paths, ________________ the part which would spoil their plans.” (591:1) Ev-SG 50.5

3. “Science, so-called, and ________________________ will be placed in _____________________________ to each other, because finite men do not comprehend the power and ________________________ of God.” (593:1) Ev-SG 50.6

4. What two false doctrines are we to beware? (595:2, 3-596:0)
a. ____________________________________________________________
b. ____________________________________________________________
Ev-SG 50.7

5. What is another false doctrine of men that is Satan-inspired? (597:3- 598:0) ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 50.8

6. What theory expresses the belief that God is an all-pervading essence in nature? (601:1,2) ____________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 50.9

7. “If God is an _____________________________ pervading all nature, then He dwells in all men; and in order to attain __________________, man has only to _______________________ the power that is within him.” (601:3) Ev-SG 51.1

8. Pantheism, with its “logical” conclusions, does away with what need? (601:4-602:0) ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 51.2

9. “The doctrine of ___________________________________ after death, of the spirits of the ___________________________________ being in communion with the _________________________, has no ______________________________ in the Scriptures, and yet these theories are affirmed as truth. Through this false doctrine the way has been opened for the ________________________ of _______________ to deceive the people in representing themselves as the dead.” (603:1) Ev-SG 51.3

10. The practice of communicating with the dead goes under the name of _____________________________. (603:3) Ev-SG 51.4

11. “Satan is a _______________________________ foe. And it is not difficult for the _______________________ angels to represent both _________________________ and __________________________ who have died, and make these representations __________________ to human eyes. These manifestations will be more _______________, and developments of a more ___________________________ character will appear as we near the close of time.” (604:3) Ev-SG 51.5

12. “The apostles of nearly all forms of ____________________________________ claim to have the power to _________________ the ______________.” (606:2) Ev-SG 51.6

13. “The ___________________________, watching by the ____________ ___________________________ of her child, exclaims, “I, can do no more! Is there no physician who has power to restore my child! She is told of the wonderful ___________________ performed by some __________________________________ or magnetic healer, and she ______________________________ her dear one to his charge, placing it as verily in the hand of ________________________________ as if he were standing by her side. In many instances, the future life of the child is _______________________________________ by a satanic power, which it seems ___________________________ to break.” (606:3) Ev-SG 51.7

14. “The prayer of faith is the great _________________________________ of the Christian, and will assuredly ______________________________ against ______________________________________. This is why he insinuates that we have no need of _______________________________.” (609:3) Ev-SG 51.8

15. What is the believer’s assurance of eternal life? (616:2) ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 51.9

16. What counsel is given regarding the refuting of spiritism and other false theories? (624:3) _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 51.10

17. “God has a work for His faithful servants to do. The attacks of the enemy must be _______________________ with the _____________________ of His ______________________________.” (625:1) Ev-SG 51.11

C. For Meditation Ev-SG 51.12

1. In the event you were ill, would you only be concerned about getting well again, or would it also matter to you from what source your healing came?

Ev-SG 51.13

2. Am I a Christian who prays constantly?

Ev-SG 51.14