Evangelism -- Study Guide


Chapter 14 — The Bible Instructor


A. Read pages 456-455 in EVANGELISM. Ev-SG 39.1

B. Test Your Comprehension Ev-SG 39.2

Supply the proper words in the quotations below, and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found. Ev-SG 39.3

1. “A ____________________ in ______________________ study is needed throughout the ______________________. Attention is to be called, not to the assertions of men, but to the Word of God.” (456:1) Ev-SG 39.4

2. “Our work has been __________________ _________________ for us by our heavenly Father. We are to take our _____________, and go forth to warn the _____________________________. We are to be God’s helping hands in ____________________ souls . . .” (456:2) Ev-SG 39.5

3. “You cannot exert an influence that will __________________ others until your own ______________ ______________ has been _________________________________ and refined and made ___________________________ by the grace of Christ. When this change has been wrought in you, it will be as natural for you to live to bless others as it is for the rosebush to yield its ____________________________ bloom or the vine its purple clusters.” (459:0) Ev-SG 39.6

4. In what way can the sisters in the church win the hearts of their neighbors? (460:1)
a. ___________________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________________
c. ___________________________________________________________
Ev-SG 39.7

5. “Women who have the cause of God at _______________________ can do a good work in the districts in which they reside.” (465:1) Ev-SG 39.8

6. “Our sisters, the youth, the middle-aged, and those of advanced years, may act a part in the _________________________________ work for this time; and in doing this as they have opportunity, they will obtain an experience of the highest value to themselves.” (468:1) Ev-SG 40.1

7. What endeavors can youth engage in when they are thoroughly educated and well organized? (471:1)
a. ____________________________________________________________
b. ____________________________________________________________
c. ____________________________________________________________
d. ___________________________________________________________
f. ____________________________________________________________
Ev-SG 40.2

8. “No work done for the Master must be considered _______________ and of little ____________________________________ . . . . If it is done cheerfully, humbly, and in the meekness of Christ, it will result in the _______________________________ of God.” (471:4) Ev-SG 40.3

9. “It should be the _______________________ of our schools to provide the best instruction and training for _________________ workers. Our ________________________ should see that the schools are provided with teachers who are thorough Bible teachers and who have a deep Christian experience. The _______________________ ministerial talent should be ____________________________________ into our schools.” (475:1) Ev-SG 40.4

10. What training should our schools provide for the girls? (475:2)
a. ___________________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________________
c. ___________________________________________________________
d. ___________________________________________________________
e. ___________________________________________________________
f. ____________________________________________________________
Ev-SG 40.5

11. “There is need of young men and women who will not be ___________ by circumstances, who walk with ______________________________, who pray ______________________________, and who put forth earnest efforts to gather all the light they can.” (478:2) Ev-SG 40.6

12. What attributes of Martha and Mary must our sisters of today have who are working for the Lord? (478:3)
a. __________________________ g.__________________________
b. __________________________ h.__________________________
c. __________________________ i. __________________________
d. __________________________ j. __________________________
e. __________________________ k. _________________________
f. ___________________________ l. _________________________
Ev-SG 41.1

13. “Wherever you can gain access to the people by the fireside, improve your opportunity. Take your ________________________________, and open before them its great truths. Your success will not depend so much upon your ________________ and _____________________, as upon your ____________________________ to find your way to the _____________________________. By being social and coming close to the people, you may turn the current of their thoughts more readily than by the most ________________________ discourse.” (483:3) Ev-SG 41.2

14. “Those who would impart ________________________ must themselves practice its principles. Only by reflecting the ___________________________ of ____________________________ in the uprightness, nobility, and unselfishness of their own lives can they __________ others.” (483:4) Ev-SG 41.3

15. “Preach _________________________, and __________________ more, by holding Bible readings, and by praying with families and little companies.” (484:1) Ev-SG 41.4

16. “The soul that has ____________________ _____________________ to Christ is more precious in His sight than the whole ______________.” (489:4) Ev-SG 41.5

17. To whom should the tithe go? (492:2) _________ __________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 41.6

18. “Seventh-day Adventists are not in any way to ____________________________ work. If a woman puts her house-work in the hands of a faithful, prudent helper, and leaves her children in good care, while she engages in the work, the conference should have wisdom to understand the justice of her receiving _________________.” (492:4-493:0) Ev-SG 41.7

C. For Meditation Ev-SG 41.8

1. If I have some person who helps me in the tasks around the home, do I value their work and do I let them know I appreciate it?

Ev-SG 41.9

2. Do I pray daily for those who are in danger of being eternally lost, asking God to help me win them?

Ev-SG 41.10