Evangelism -- Study Guide


Evangelism — Study Guide


What is this Study Guide? It is a series of twenty simple, thought-provoking question-and-answer-type lessons prepared by the Spirit of Prophecy and Ministerial departments of the South American Division under the authorization of the trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate, for the purpose of assisting the reader in the study of the book EVANGELISM. Ev-SG 3.1

There is a lesson for each of the twenty chapters in the book. Each lesson is divided into four sections: (1) The reading assignment in the book EVANGELISM; (2) A little quiz to check your comprehension; (3) Personal thought questions for meditation; (4) The correct answers. The latter is included so that the reader can check his own work. However, it is hoped that the student will read carefully the pages assigned for each meeting and fill in the blanks in the Study Guide before referring to the answers. Ev-SG 3.2

PLEASE NOTE: The book EVANGELISM, as is explained in its preface, is designed principally to offer guidance to pastors and Bible instructors. However, this does not mean that it does not contain valuable instruction for the church members in general. For this reason, in this Study Guide we have tried to direct the attention of the brethren to the counsels that are applicable to the lay members as well as to the evangelical workers. Ev-SG 3.3

As Chapter 19, “The Worker and His Qualifications,” is specifically directed to pastors, evangelistic workers and Bible instructors, we have selected only a few thoughts from this chapter to share with the lay members. However, the remainder of the book has a wealth of valuable material, which we heartily recommend to the reader for thoughtful study and consideration. Ev-SG 3.4

We are thoroughly convinced that as our members diligently and prayerfully study EVANGELISM, with the help of this Study Guide, they will not only be strengthened in their conviction that “now is the time” to accomplish the gospel commission of the church, but each one, individually, will also be aroused, as a member of the body of Christ, to take a more determined and decided action in doing his part in finishing this urgent task. Ev-SG 3.5

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