Evangelism -- Study Guide


Chapter 6 — The Public Effort


A. Read pages 119-167 in EVANGELISM. Ev-SG 15.1

B. Test Your Comprehension Ev-SG 15.2

Supply the proper words in the quotations below, and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers that are found at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where one can find the answer. Ev-SG 15.3

1. What must we avoid when we present the truth? (119:2) _____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 15.4

2. What messages are the most important ones for us to proclaim? (119:3 - 120-0) ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 15.5

3. “His (Jesus’) messages of mercy were varied to ____________________________ His audience. . . . He had __________________________ to meet the prejudiced minds, and surprise them with illustrations that won their attention. Through the _________________________ He reached the heart.” (123:2) Ev-SG 15.6

4. “Light was given me by the Lord that it was not the best plan to make a __________________________ of what we were going to do; for just as soon as our intentions were made known, our _____________________________ would be roused to block the way.” (125:1) Ev-SG 15.7

5. “If we move wisely, without one tinge of boasting, without stopping to challenge the __________________________, if we advance one line of truth after another, crowding in the most important and soul-testing (truths), the Lord will take care of the result . . .” (125:3) Ev-SG 15.8

6. “You need not feel that ________________ the _________________ is to be spoken to unbelievers on any and every occasion. You should plan carefully what to say and what to leave unsaid.” (125:5) Ev-SG 15.9

7. What counsel is given us regarding meeting halls? (126:1) _____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 15.10

8. “There is far more being done by the universe of Heaven than we have any idea of, in preparing the way so that _______________________ shall be converted.” (127:5) Ev-SG 16.1

9. “We want more of God; we do not want to feel that it is our _______________________ and our ________________________ that is to do the work; . . .” (127:5 - 128:0) Ev-SG 16.2

10. What provides strength for the worker? (128:3 - 129:0)
a. ____________________________ b. ____________________________
c. ____________________________ d. ____________________________
Ev-SG 16.3

11. “As far as practicable, let the important ______________________________ given at our camp meetings be published in the newspapers.” (130:2) Ev-SG 16.4

12. What are the characteristics of an efficient disciple of God? (135:1) _____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 16.5

13. “You may be sure that pure and undefiled religion is not a _________________________ religion.” (138:2) Ev-SG 16.6

14. “We are not to encourage a spirit of enthusiasm that brings ________________ for a _________________, but soon fades away, leaving discouragement and depression.” (138:3) Ev-SG 16.7

15. “Learn to meet the people ________________ __________ ______________________. Do not present subjects that will arouse ______________________.” (142:4 - 143:0) Ev-SG 16.8

16. “Do not arouse opposition before the people have had opportunity to hear the _______________________ and know what they are opposing.” (143:1) Ev-SG 16.9

17. “It should ever be manifest that we are _____________________, but not __________________________.” (143:4) Ev-SG 16.10

18. “Our laborers should be very careful not to give the impression that they are _________________________ stealing in to get the sheep, but should let the ministers understand their position and the object of their mission—to call the attention of the people to the truths of ___________________ __________________ There are many of these which are dear to all Christians. Here is ____________________ ground, upon which we can meet people of other denominations; . . .” (143:5 - 144:0) Ev-SG 16.11

19. “We should not, upon entering a place, build up unnecessary _______________________ between us and other denominations, . . .” (144:1) Ev-SG 17.1

20. What type of prayer is best to offer in public? (146:2) ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 17.2

21. After winning the people’s interest in public meetings, what should be done? (151:3) Ev-SG 17.3

_____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 22. “_____________________ _______________________ should be devoted to patiently educating the people, giving them opportunity to express themselves. It is _____________________ that men need, line upon line, and precept upon precept.” (153:1) Ev-SG 17.4

23. What should be done to increase the effectiveness of the spoken word? (159:2) _____________________________________________________________________ __ Ev-SG 17.5

24. “The ___________________ is a powerful means to _______________________ the minds and hearts of the people. . . . If men, under the influence of the spirit of the world and of Satan, are earnest to circulate _______________________, _______________________ and __________________________ of a corrupting nature, you should be more earnest to get reading matter of an elevating and saving character before the people.” (160:5 - 161:0) 25. “______________________ and _______________________ are the Lord’s means of keeping the message for this time continually before the people.” (161:3) Ev-SG 17.6

26. “In the presentation of unpopular truth, which involves a heavy cross, preachers should be ________________________ that every word is as God would have it. Their words should never _______________________. They should present the truth in humility, with the deepest love for souls, and an earnest desire for their salvation, and let the truth _________________________.” (162:4) Ev-SG 17.7

27. Besides doctrinal subjects, what other truths must be presented? (163:3)
a. ___________________________ f. ______________________________
b. ___________________________ g. _____________________________
c. ___________________________ h. _____________________________
d. ___________________________ i. ______________________________
e. ___________________________
Ev-SG 17.8

C. For Meditation Ev-SG 18.1

1. “At this time, when we are so near the end, shall we become so like the world in practice that men may look in vain to find God’s denominated people?” (121:3)
Ev-SG 18.2

2. “Christian worth does not depend on brilliant talents, lofty birth, wonderful powers, but on a clean heart — a heart purified and refined, that does not exalt self, but, by beholding Christ, reflects the long lost image of divinity.” (135:3) Ev-SG 18.3

3. Am I as zealous to see souls saved, as Satan is to see them lost?

Ev-SG 18.4

4. Do I fully realize that the spreading of our literature is one of the Lord’s ways of making known the message of salvation, and am I giving out tracts, magazines and books, as I should?

Ev-SG 18.5

5. When I am confronted with error or opposition, do I depend on my argumentative ability, or do I recognize that my only strength is in Christ?

Ev-SG 18.6