Counsels on Stewardship -- Study Guide


Lesson 10

Section 14 — Wills and Legacies

Section 15 — The Reward of Faithful Stewardship


Preparation for death is actually a part of your preparation for eternal life. An extremely important part of your responsibility as a steward of God is to make an intelligent and proper distribution of whatever possessions you have or will accumulate. Entering into a will or trust agreement is not an unpleasant task to be put off until just prior to the time you think you may die. Rather, it is to be a joyful, personal, and fulfilling experience between yourself and God. It will bring a deep sense of peace into your life, a satisfaction in knowing that you are a partner with Christ in your daily systematic giving; and, even in death, the fruits of your labor will continue to help share the gospel by means of your partnership with the Creator through this new dimension in Christian stewardship. CS-SG 53.1

The last half of this lesson will reveal the joy of receiving the thrilling reward of faithful stewardship. CS-SG 53.2