Counsels on Stewardship -- Study Guide


Chapter 56 — Left to the Honor of Men

Those who become children of God are people God knows He can trust. Please read CS 287-291 or CSA 171-173. (Always read each chapter before answering the questions.) CS-SG 48.4

1. Returning His tithe and giving offerings is God’s basic plan to sustain His cause.
A. To what in men does God appeal? CS 287:1 or CSA 171:1

B. How are the tithe and offerings referred to? CS 287:1 or CSA 171:1

C. How do tithe and offerings compare with the cross? CS 287:3; 288:1 or CSA 171:3
CS-SG 48.5

2. Through self-denial, the poorest will find ways of obtaining something to give back to God. True False CS 288:1 or CSA 171:3 CS-SG 48.6

3. Real benevolence cannot be practiced without genuine self-denial. True False CS 288:4; 289:1 or CSA 172:2 CS-SG 48.7