Counsels on Stewardship -- Study Guide


Lesson 3

Section 3 — God’s Reserves—The Tithe


When God created the world and all that was in it, He made provision to sustain liberally what He had brought forth. He provided an abundance to meet necessities, plus a little extra. CS-SG 17.1

God organized the church to aid in the spiritual renewal of those seeking to develop His character and to share the gospel. He made provision to finance its activities amply. If His plan of finance were followed by those who accept His name and blessings, there would be an abundance of resources to finance His cause. Returning the tithe and giving offerings is still His basic plan of finance. This lesson could help you gain new spiritual insights not only of tithe and offerings but of God’s continued liberality in spite of man’s persistent self-indulgence. CS-SG 17.2