Counsels on Health -- Study Guide

Section IX — Teaching Health Principles

Pages 425-470

1. Instead of using home duties to excuse themselves from working for others, what should parents do? (426:1)

CH-SG 20.1

2. What subject should parents study with their children? Why? (428:1, 429:1)

CH-SG 20.2

3. What are some of the adverse effects of stimulants and narcotics? (432:1)

CH-SG 20.3

4. In what places can health work serve as the right arm of the message, and protect the body? (434:2)

CH-SG 20.4

5. Where and how can one let his light shine to others? (435:3)

CH-SG 20.5

6. How should we work with temperance movements other than our own? What will be some results? (436:1, 437:1)

CH-SG 20.6

7. “In _____, we would better come ________ _________ _________ of the mark than to go ______ ____________ beyond it.” (438:1) CH-SG 20.7

8. What reaction may result from presenting our strongest health reform position first when introducing it to others? (438:3)

CH-SG 20.8

9. What is the place of the will in health and other reform? (439,440) CH-SG 20.9

10. Violation of the laws of health lays the foundation for the _____ habit. (440:3) CH-SG 20.10

11. What are some of the harmful effects of coffee drinking? (441:4)

CH-SG 20.11

12. How should our health message NOT be presented? How should it be presented instead? (442:3)

CH-SG 20.12

13. What two things will the work of health reform accomplish? (443:4)

CH-SG 20.13

14. In working for the salvation of men and women, what must be presented? Why? (445:2)

CH-SG 20.14

15. How might we be kept from being light bearers to the world? (445:3)

CH-SG 20.15

16. What relation does practicing temperance principles have to being sanctified by the truth? (449:1)

CH-SG 20.16

17. What was God’s original design for the diet of human beings? (450:1)

CH-SG 20.17

18. Instead of catching isolated ideas, making them a test, how should we relate to Christian temperance? (451:1)

CH-SG 20.18

19. What double harmful effect may result from trying to correct the health habits of others? What is the better way? (451:2)

CH-SG 20.19

20. What advantage do we have in presenting truth if we are intelligent with regard to health? (452:2)

CH-SG 21.1

21. List several reasons why some remain indifferent to health reform. (453:1)

CH-SG 21.2

22. What are some dangers in going to spiritualist physicians? (454)

CH-SG 21.3

23. When the king of Israel asked for help from a pagan oracle, what did it demonstrate? What is the lesson for us today? (455:3)

CH-SG 21.4

24. When sickness results from transgression of natural law, what should we do? What do many do instead, and with what results? (456:1)

CH-SG 21.5

25. “An _____ temper, a _____ brain, and _____ nerves are among the results of. . . disregard of _____ CH-SG 21.6

laws.” (458:1) CH-SG 21.7

26. Angels preserve God’s people under what circumstances? When is there no such assurance? (459:1)

CH-SG 21.8

27. Why does Satan delight in war? (460:1)

CH-SG 21.9

28. Does Satan completely control the elements of nature? Explain. What about his control of people? (460:2)

CH-SG 21.10

29. Over what elements and events in nature is Satan exercising his power? (461:1)

CH-SG 21.11

30. What several things should canvassers tell about our health publications to those they visit? (462:3-464:0)

CH-SG 21.12

31. After several speakers had spoken at a camp meeting attended by Ellen White, the following night a young man appeared to her in a dream. What was his message? (465:1)

CH-SG 21.13

32. In early large gatherings of Adventists, why did the health message presented fail to make the deepest impression? (467:1)

CH-SG 21.14

33. Give several reasons why we were to establish sanitariums. How might we still fulfill these instructions, even though these institutions are generally not operated today? (469:3)

CH-SG 21.15