Christian Service -- Study Guide


Thought Questions

1. The statement on pages 147, 148 speaks of God as cutting “them out from the quarry of the world.” Does this indicate that His people should have the firmness and steadiness of rock in their characters?

ChS-SG 22.5

2. As I travel from place to place, how can I spread the message?

ChS-SG 22.6

3. Why do you think Mrs. White spoke of women as being able to “work efficiently” in getting periodical subscriptions?

ChS-SG 22.7

4. During the time of persecution, by refraining from offending secular work on Sunday and in stead devoting ourselves to missionary work, are we not thus “keeping Sunday,” and as such likely to receive the “mark of the beast”? (See pp. 163, 164.)

ChS-SG 22.8

5. Can we, even if we cannot go into the mission field, help support the mission program? How?

ChS-SG 22.9

6. What lessons can we learn from the way Nehemiah conducted his work?

ChS-SG 22.10