Christian Service -- Study Guide


Christian Service -- Study Guide

This Study Guide

This study guide groups the twenty-seven chapters of the book Instruction for Effective Christian Service into ten lessons. Each lesson calls for the reading of two or three chapters or about thirty pages of text. Thus in a convenient and systematic study program all church members may become well acquainted with the best and most effective methods of witnessing for their Lord. ChS-SG 4.1

Before the book Christian Service was compiled and published in 1925 the Seventh-day Adventist layman and worker found it necessary to peruse a number of Spirit of Prophecy volumes to gain the full picture of the privileges and responsibilities and to discover the best method by which the Christian may share his faith. It was to make these valuable Spirit of Prophecy counsels available in one convenient source book that the little volume was issued. Not only were the vital statements appearing in the Ellen G. White books drawn together in one volume, but many choice statements from the thousands of Ellen G White periodical articles were also included. ChS-SG 4.2

The reader is impressed that Ellen White in her counsels wrote as one who enjoyed a rich experience in sharing her faith under many and varied circumstances, but always as a joyful, buoyant, confident Christian. ChS-SG 4.3

As to procedure, it is suggested that after studying the material in each lesson the student turn to the questions. Page numbers in parentheses indicate location of the answers as found in the book Christian Service. Questions are to be answered, quotations are to be completed by filling in the missing word or words, or the correct answers indicated in matching statements. ChS-SG 4.4

To facilitate locating readily the item in question, the paragraph on the page in Christian Service is indicated by number. Paragraph 1 is the first full paragraph on the page. The balance of a paragraph carried over from the preceding page is numbered 0. Thus page 8 carries paragraphs 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. ChS-SG 4.5

This guide is made available through the joint effort of the Department of Lay Activities of the General Conference and the Ellen G. White Estate. A meaningful, prayerful participation in this study course can only lead to a deeper understanding of practical Christianity and a more effective witnessing. ChS-SG 4.6

Washington, D.C.
March 23, 1971