Christian Service -- Study Guide


Thought Questions

1. “If a working church is a living church,” do you suppose we could say “a working church member is a living church member”?

ChS-SG 15.1

2. Am I a “living” church member or a “dead” one?

ChS-SG 15.2

3. Why do you think Mrs. White refers to Calebs as “men most needed in these last days”? (P. 85, par. 6.)

ChS-SG 15.3

4. Why was the fig tree cursed? Am I like that tree? (P. 87, par. 4-P. 88, par. 0.)

ChS-SG 15.4

5. Compare the last paragraph on page 84 with the first sentence of paragraph 2 on page 90.

ChS-SG 15.5

How will I have to answer the question “What are we doing?”

ChS-SG 15.6