Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 1 (1844 - 1868)


Lt 7, 1861


Grass River, New York

August 1861

This letter is published in entirety in AY 74-75.

My Dear Children:

We, your father and mother, feel a deep interest for you. You may sometimes think that your parents are too strict, that they watch you too closely; but, dear boys, our love for you is great. We have dedicated you to God. You are His, and we must keep you separate from the world, that you may be the Lord’s. We want your lives to be right and pleasing in His sight. Don’t feel discouraged, my children. Satan is ready to lead your young minds; but go to God, seek Him for strength, pray much, give your hearts’ best affections to Him. 1LtMs, Lt 7, 1861, par. 1

Henry, you are my first-born, the eldest of my boys. A responsibility rests upon you. You will have to render an account for the influence you exert over your brothers. Love your brothers. Their salvation depends much on the course you pursue. Have your regular seasons of prayer for each other, and with each other. Don’t let your love for writing, and your study, divert your mind, and cause you to neglect those duties which ought to be done. 1LtMs, Lt 7, 1861, par. 2

We want you saved. We want you to be just right, and to live for God, and be an honor to His cause. Watch, Edson, against your besetment. Don't be full of frolic and fun. Be sober, be watchful, and God will enable you to overcome. My dear little Willie, may the Lord bless you. We shall pray for you. Pray for yourselves. 1LtMs, Lt 7, 1861, par. 3

In much love from your affectionate Mother. 1LtMs, Lt 7, 1861, par. 4