Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 1 (1844 - 1868)


Lt 4a, 1864

Phillips, Brother

Battle Creek, Michigan

January 1864

Previously unpublished.

Dear Brother Phillips:

In my last vision I was shown that you are in danger. You must be cautious or you will surely be entangled by the enemy. The business you are now engaged in is sapping your spirituality and exciting your mind, and you are losing your love of the third angel’s message and drawing the brethren into the same snare. Your influence will tell, and will draw others into perplexity and darkness. 1LtMs, Lt 4a, 1864, par. 1

The brethren have confidence in you, and it is not right for you to keep company with or be engaged with Mr. Grant. He is disfellowshipped by the church and his course has brought a stain upon his profession. While you are seen by others in his company it injures you and you are in danger while with such a dark spirit. 1LtMs, Lt 4a, 1864, par. 2

Your testimony will be of use in the church and you should, while you engage in business cares, labor to not be surfeited with the cares of this world, but seek earnestly for freedom and purity of spirit that your influence may tell for God and for the advancement of His cause. Take an exalted position and be where you can help souls. Put your shoulder under the burden and lift with all your energies. Be “not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.” [Romans 12:11.] You are in danger of losing salvation. Be careful how you draw your brethren into perplexity, for their expectations will not be realized. 1LtMs, Lt 4a, 1864, par. 3

[P.S.] My husband has known nothing of what I had seen until this noon after he had written the notice he had for the paper. 1LtMs, Lt 4a, 1864, par. 4