Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 1 (1844 - 1868)


Lt 16, 1863

Andrews, J. N.


January 1863

Previously unpublished.

Dear Brother Andrews,

I am sorry that the letter never reached you which was sent to you. I also sent a vision in regard to Bro. Ross to Bro. Edson some time ago and have not heard one word from it. 1LtMs, Lt 16, 1863, par. 1

I wish to say in the last vision which was given me [Nov. 5, 1862] I saw that if you labor in this cause it is your duty to cut loose from your farm in Waukon, that as it now stands it was not the duty of the church to help you while you are fastened to that place, that their means might just as well be buried as to go in that direction. I saw that it would be the will of God for you to cut loose and put yourself in a shape where you and your family can be abundantly provided for and then what you receive will be yours and the churches can know where it goes and have the satisfaction of its doing some good. 1LtMs, Lt 16, 1863, par. 2

I was shown some three or four years since that when you came to the light you would not stay in Waukon. A spirit of rebellion took you there, and you have been overtaxed with labor and perplexity and you could not be of much use unless you should cut loose and let your brethren do for you. In the last vision the same was repeated that it was your duty to cease studying or taxing the mind much, and if you devote yourself wholly to this work to do what you can, God will strengthen you for the purpose, and you must shake off the shackles and be a free man. You are too much entangled now, and if you have to lose, free yourself, and give your interest to the work. 1LtMs, Lt 16, 1863, par. 3

I saw, Br. A, that you were almost a slave to the will and wishes of your uncles. You have placed too much confidence in them, and sought too hard to please them and have felt a sort of dependence upon them. This is all wrong. Maintain a spirit of noble independence. Do not scringe or cripple to please them. Be God’s free man. Your relatives are like all the rest of the world. Their word is no better than the word of other men. You may flatter yourself that they are all just, but you will find your mistake. Their principles are worldly principles. They are governed by worldly motives. I saw that the Lord has not been pleased with the fear you have had and the bondage you have felt on account of your uncles. Cut loose, cut loose, from all this. Strike out independent. Know what is your own. It is your privilege. 1LtMs, Lt 16, 1863, par. 4