Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 1 (1844 - 1868)


Lt 9, 1865

White, J. S.

Rochester, New York

November 22, 1865

Portions of this letter are published in 5MR 387; 10MR 27.

Dear Husband:

We are all as well as usual. The children are well and happy. Our Willie and Willie Lampson play together very pleasantly. Willie Lampson is not a bad boy. There has not been one word of disagreement between the two boys. They play together in the house with little blocks with letters for hours. The boys have been out rolling snowballs. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 1

Edson has been in the city but once, and then with me. He appears well. Last night was a cold night. I dreaded sleeping alone in a cold room but my nice warm nightdress was finished and I put it on and it was real comfortable. This morning I put on my waist and drawers and find them just what I want. My sewing is going off bravely without my taxing myself at all. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 2

I am expecting a letter from you today. Hardly know what to write till I hear from you, but as I promised to write you every day, will do so. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 3

I have not neglected our seasons of prayer and have felt the blessing of God while praying for you. I hope to hear that you are improving. Let us trust in God, for He is our Helper, our Rock, and Fortress. I do believe that the time of our deliverance has about come. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 4

The first night after we came here I dreamed of being at Dansville and of the power of God resting upon me in such abundance that I was nearly lost to everything around me, and I was exalting God and our Saviour as the great Physician and the Deliverer of His afflicted, suffering children. The Spirit of inspiration was upon me. I could not forbear, and in a most exalted, elevated strain I was magnifying the power of Jesus and His saving grace, His exalted, spotless character, His blameless life. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 5

Dr. Jackson was near me, afraid that his patients would hear me, and wished to lay his hand upon me and hinder me, but he was awed and dared not move; he seemed held by the power of God. I awoke very happy. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 6

Dear James, I feel a deep interest for you every moment, and my heart is uplifted to God in your behalf. I shall be glad to return home in a few days and again stand at my post and do what I can for your comfort. I think it is right that I came here. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 7

Today is one of my poor days. When I get better I would like to get my teeth fixed. I dared not before this, and shall not venture to till next Monday, fearing the rush of blood to the brain. Had I better stay a day or two longer and come home next Wednesday for the purpose of having my teeth fixed, if I am not in a condition of health to do it before? Please speak your wishes freely and I will do just as you wish. I should prefer to come home, for I want to see you very much. May the Lord bless you abundantly, is my prayer. I hope dear Adelia will be of good courage. I will relieve her soon. I fully appreciate her self-denial and privations for us, and I pray that God will bless her with His free Spirit. She must not get desponding or homesick, but be cheerful and happy and free in the Lord. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 8

Here comes Bradley. I must close. Brother Loughborough must have a special care for James and he shall have my warmest thanks. 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 9

In much love from, Your Ellen 1LtMs, Lt 9, 1865, par. 10