Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 1 (1844 - 1868)


Lt 4, 1847

Hastings, Elvira

Gorham, Maine

August 25, 1847

Previously unpublished. See also Annotations.

Copied from a letter of James White to Sr. Hastings, begun August 22, 1847. 1LtMs, Lt 4, 1847, par. 1

P.S. In your letter you say “Sister White mentions God spoke the day and hour of Jesus’ coming,” and you inquired “I should like to know if it is to be spoken before we all hear it.” To this question I answer by writing Ellen’s words that she has just spoken while lying on the bed beside my writing stand. “Tell her that none hear the voice until all hear it. Then every living child of God will hear and know the voice of God as He gives us the day and hour. Then joy and glory will fill every heart.” J. W. 1LtMs, Lt 4, 1847, par. 2