The Southern Work


Section 4—Special Counsels and Cautions In 1899

Note: The supplement to The Southern Work Printed by Edson White (pages 117-147), beginning with the article which follows, was made up largely of Ellen G. White communications dealing with two matters of special importance in 1899. One was the proposition made by a responsible minister that a colony of Seventh-day Adventist colored believers and white and colored workers be established in the South. The other was related to financial problems brought on by mismanagement in the North by certain brethren in book publication designed to benefit the South financially.

Intermingled with these counsels dealing with special issues, Ellen G. White sounded cautions of a more general character. As these messages were published as a supplement of The Southern Work, and constituted a part of the text of later copies, they are included here in their entirety.

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