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Another “Square Contradiction” Examined

In the last leaflet issued upon this subject a further attempt is made to cast discredit upon the view which we advocate by declaring that the position that paganism was taken away in the fourth century is “a square contradiction” to the spirit of prophecy. In proof of this claim a quotation is made from The Great Controversy, 49, 50, in which these words are found:- THD 12.3

The nominal conversion of Constantine, in the early part of the fourth century, caused great rejoicing; and the world, cloaked in a form of righteousness, walked into the church. Now the work of corruption rapidly progressed. Paganism, while appearing to be vanquished, became the conqueror. Her spirit controlled the church, her doctrines, ceremonies, and superstitions were incorporated into the faith and worship of the professed followers of Christ. THD 12.4

If this citation can properly be used to prove that paganism was not taken away in the fourth century, it can with equal force be used to show that paganism was not taken away in 508, inasmuch as the “doctrines, ceremonies, and superstitions” of paganism continued through the Dark Ages, and have survived even to the present time. It is plain on the face of it that the paganism referred to in this extract is not that paganism which was the official religion of ancient Rome, but instead that it signifies the spirit of that religion which survived long after the downfall of the Roman empire. The use of this quotation for the purpose of forestalling any candid investigation of our teaching does not seem consistent with that spirit of fairness which opens the way for the unprejudiced consideration of Bible truth. THD 13.1