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DURING the past year two leaflets dealing with the “daily” of the eighth chapter of Daniel have been issued in which an effort has been made to maintain the view that the “daily” is paganism, and that it was taken away in a. d. 508. Against those who entertain a different interpretation of this prophecy, the serious charge is made in both leaflets that in their teaching they are squarely contradicting the plain statements of the spirit of prophecy. THD 1.1

These circumstances justify the appearance of this leaflet, the purpose of which is to present some facts bearing upon this question, and to establish the truth of the matter. Every interpretation of a fulfilled prophecy must be in harmony with facts; and questions of difference are to be settled, not by mere assertions or unwarranted claims, but by such evidence as will stand the closest examination. It should be our sincere aim to know and teach the truth, and we should be prepared to do what we are constantly asking others to do, viz., to accept evidence, and to change our views when they are proved to be incorrect. It is no discredit to a sincere man to be found mistaken, but he discredits himself when he refuses to correct a mistake which has been plainly pointed out. It is more important to know the truth than to cling to a traditional teaching. THD 1.2