“The Daily”


What the Third Angel’s Message Restores

After such a work as this had been revealed to the prophet Daniel, he then heard the inquiry as to the limit of this usurpation of the mediatorial work of Christ, and the reply was given, “Unto two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” This period extended to a. d. 1844, immediately after which this great threefold message had its rise. And in view of the facts already stated, it is of great significance that in this movement there was brought back to the people the knowledge of the mediatorial work of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary. This is in perfect harmony with the prophecy that the Papacy would be allowed to tread down both the host and the sanctuary until the expiration of the period of the 2300 years. When the time came for our great High Priest to enter upon his final work of atonement in cleansing the sanctuary, then the knowledge of his mediatorial work must be restored to his people so that they may co-operate with him. THD 22.3

Inasmuch as the leading feature of the third message, which after 1844 would give the distinct character to the threefold movement, is its pronouncement against the worship of the beast and his image, it is certainly an essential part of this work to show clearly that the Papacy has taken from Christ the very means by which he would reconcile man unto God, and has substituted a merely human means of salvation. What the Papacy took away, this message is to restore; and for this reason the everlasting gospel must now be proclaimed in the sanctuary setting, in order that it may do its most effective work both among Roman Catholics and Protestants. Thus Christ is to be proclaimed again as the “minister of the sanctuary, and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, not man.” This gives a significance to this great movement such as it derives from no other source; and this prophecy in the eighth chapter of Daniel, when correctly interpreted, is a most important means of apprehending an essential feature of the work which we are called upon to do. To rectify a mistake which has been made in the interpretation of the “daily” does not make any change in a fundamental doctrine of the third angel’s message, but rather brings out with greater clearness the importance of that prophecy which has shaped this advent movement-the 2300 days. There is the most convincing evidence, both Biblical and historical, that this period commenced in b. c. 457 and terminated in a. d. 1844, at which time our great High Priest commenced his ministry in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary, and our interpretation of the “daily” only serves to emphasize the importance of this prophetic period in its relation to our work for this generation. It, therefore, seems a thousand pities that any effort should be made to withhold this knowledge from our people by attempting to maintain an interpretation of this prophecy which is contrary both to history and to sound principles of Scripture interpretation. W. W. Prescott. THD 23.1