The Biblical Institute


The Biblical Institute


IN the following pages is given a synopsis of the lectures delivered at the Biblical Institute, held by Elders James White and U. Smith, in Oakland, California, April 1-17, 1877. The design in these pages has been to give the principal facts, dates and references, connected with the important subjects presented, in as brief a manner as possible, and these, it is believed, will serve in connection with the review questions to give a general idea of the teachings of the Scriptures on these great themes, and furnish a good basis for further study. TBI i.1

We would call especial attention to the questions as a feature upon which rests in large measure the value of the book. Those who use the book for class exercises will of course use the questions. And we would recommend their use even by the general reader. TBI i.2

It will be hardly necessary to say to those who may use this work in class exercises, that the Lessons as here divided are not intended to measure the length of the recitations. A Lesson embraces an entire subject; but it will be found profitable to devote quite a number of recitations in many instances to a single lesson. We commend a thorough study of these all-important themes to those everywhere who desire to acquaint themselves with the prophetic word. TBI i.3