The Retirement Years


Avoid “Shut-in Religion”

Dear afflicted brother,

We assure you that we sympathize with you in your affliction and in your sufferings.... RY 74.3

The old soldier on the field of battle frequently in his zeal exposes himself to danger and to death. He cannot do otherwise and have the assurance that he is doing his whole duty. This is found to be applicable in the service of the heavenly King. Wounds and bruises are received because Christ's soldiers, not willing to be in seclusion and inactivity, will not forsake their post of duty and be satisfied with a shut-in religion, [saying], “I am saved,” and leave the world, and sinners in the world, to perish.... RY 74.4

My brother I do not feel to give you one word of censure, saying you were imprudent, overzealous. I would have done just as you did. Had you foreseen all, you might have saved yourself much suffering; but you did not see, and you acted out your zeal and devotion to the cause of truth, and some others may be responsible for not doing their duty. But I blame you not.—Letter 5a, 1891. RY 75.1