The Retirement Years


Ellen White's Care for Her Parents

[Robert and Eunice Harmon, Ellen White's parents, lived for a time with James and Ellen White in their home on Wood Street in Battle Creek, Michigan. Later, they occupied the house next door. Across the street was the home of James White's parents, deacon John White and his wife. James and Ellen were most attentive to the needs of these Godly people, all four of whom accepted the Adventist faith.]

My children are as well as usual. Father and Mother are living with us, and they seem so contented and happy. They take care of their room, but eat with us. You don't know what a weight of care is removed from me, since I can watch over these two aged children. Mother does just as I wish her to, follows every suggestion I make. I dress her up neat as wax, comb her hair, and she looks like a nice, venerable old lady. Father also tries to please us in every way. We fix him up and he looks real nice. RY 59.2

I would give my love to all your family, especially your parents. Let us hear from you often. Don't sink down in despondency and doubt. Look up, be of good cheer, and God will lead us on to victory.—Letter 27, 1861 (To Lucinda Hall). RY 60.1