The Retirement Years


Special Grace and Knowledge

The Lord gives special grace and knowledge to the aged men who have had an experience in the work from its earliest history, and have watched it develop in its various lines of progress. Let these men be appreciated and respected. Let not the fact he lost sight of that in the past they have sacrificed everything to advance the work. Because they are growing old is no reason why they should cease to exert an influence superior to the influence of the men who have had far less study of the Word, far less experience in divine things, far less knowledge of the communications of Christ to His people. RY 34.2

I have been instructed that no indifference or disrespect is to be shown to these burden-bearing pioneers in the work. They are God's workmen, and have acted a prominent part in building up the work which today ought to bear the similitude of the pattern shown them in the mount.— Manuscript 34, 1901. RY 34.3