The Bible Echo, vol. 13

The Bible Echo, Vol. 13


January 3, 1898

“Sacrifices” The Bible Echo 13, 1.

E. J. Waggoner

There is only one sacrifice in the Christian religion, and that was made by Christ. We have never made a sacrifice. God does not call us to make sacrifices, but to accept the sacrifice that has been made. True, we have to give up all things that pertain to self, but giving up self is simply taking Christ. BEST January 3, 1898, par. 1

Suppose a poor beggar comes to us, with ragged clothing, and a few coppers in his pocket, and we say to him, “Take off these rags, and we will give you a new suit; and give up the coppers, and we will fill your pockets with sovereigns.” Would he begin to mourn, or talk about the great sacrifice he was called upon to make in giving up his rags and the coppers he had in them? BEST January 3, 1898, par. 2

Of course we give up something, but what sacrifice is it, when we get ten thousand times as much, and infinitely more? God wants us to give up our miserable ways, and take his ways; our narrow, circumscribed thoughts, and take his thoughts; our poverty, and get his robes; our gross ignorance, and get his wisdom; our wickedness, and get his righteousness. BEST January 3, 1898, par. 3