The Remnant Church; Its Organization, Authority, Unity, and Triumph


The Remnant Church; Its Organization, Authority, Unity, and Triumph


In 1934 Elder W. C. White and D. E. Robinson at the Elmshaven office drew together from published and unpublished E. G. White sources materials relating to the church, its organization, authority, unity, and the relationship of workers one to another. MR311 3.1

The 50 page document which resulted was read by the White Trustees with appreciation, but for reasons not too clear just now, the document at that time was not carried through to publication. It was placed in the document file and has been kept there safely for 38 years, with only occasional reference to it. MR311 3.2

With the occasion to look at the counsels relating to the church and its authority, this document, during the last few days, has been reviewed. The impression is growing that its publication might well serve the church. The basic premises are clearly enunciated in published sources. Nonetheless, as Ellen White again and again reiterated in sermons, manuscripts and letters basic truths concerning the church and its ministry, the varying statements seem to enrich that which may be read on the subject. MR311 3.3

For study purposes, in a few copies the lines have been numbered. Any use of unpublished items must for the present be restricted to committee study. Undoubtedly, on consideration they will in time be released for general use. The situation, however, would lead to the request that copies used by the committee be returned to the White Estate until the matters have been properly processed. MR311 3.4

Arthur L. White, Secretary,

Ellen G. White Estate.

Washington, D. C.

July 6, 1972.