The Remnant Church; Its Organization, Authority, Unity, and Triumph


Self Restraint Necessary

An army could do nothing successfully if its different parts did not work in concert. Should each soldier act without reference to the others, the army would soon become disorganized. Instead of gathering strength for concentrated action, it would be wasted in desultory, meaningless efforts. A limited number united under one head, all obeying orders, will accomplish more than ten times the number if they are drawing apart, disconnected, and expending their strength on many things at the same time. Whatever good qualities a man may have, he cannot be a good soldier if he acts independent of brotherly counsel. Occasionally good may be done, but often the result is of little value, and frequently the end shows more mischief than good. They make a show of doing something, attract attention, and flash out brightly, then they are gone. All must pull in one direction in order to render efficient service to the cause.... MR311 24.3

God requires of his soldiers concerted action; and in order to have this in the church, self-restraint is essential. They must learn to forego their own wishes and preferences for the good of others.—Letter 11b, 1886. MR311 25.1