The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, vol. 64

The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, Vol. 64


November 1, 1887

“To Those Going to California” The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald 64, 43.


E. J. Waggoner

Those who designed to attend the General Conference at Oakland, Cal., who have never made the trip overland, will find their comfort materially increased by attention to the following: suggestions- ARSH November 1, 1887, page 688.1

1. Take provisions from home for use on the way. There are stoves and the cars, upon which victuals may be warmed; or if you have an alcohol stove, it will suffice for cooking gruel, heating milk, corn, tomatoes, etc. With a little forethought, you can live on the journey as well as at home, and much better than at the eating-houses along the line. ARSH November 1, 1887, page 688.2

2. Take plenty of bedding. The seats of the cars in which you will ride have no cushions, but are arranged so that they can be converted into births at night; but each one must furnish his own bedding. A good roll of blankets and comfortable, and a couple of small pillows, will not take up much room, and will be found absolutely necessary to comfort. A few yards of cheap calleo will make a curtain, so that the occupants of the birth may retire in privacy, and if each one has plenty of bedding there is no reason why all should not sleep as soundly and comfortably on the journey as at home. There will be only one change of cars from Omaha, and plenty of time will be given for transferring luggage. ARSH November 1, 1887, page 688.3

3. Find out when the train will stop for regular meals, and plan to take yours either before or after. By eating while the train is in motion, you will have the half hour of waiting for meals in which to rest yourselves by walking about. The fatigue of the journey will be much less if you will improve every opportunity to get out of the car and walk about. ARSH November 1, 1887, page 688.4

4. Wear and bring the same under-clothing that you would wear at home. Although you will not find cold weather in California, yet the climate is so different from that of the East that unless care is taken people are extremely liable to take hold when they first arrive here. Besides, you will probably pass through some cold weather on the way. ARSH November 1, 1887, page 688.5

5. Our first rains will probably occur during the time of the Conference. Therefore umbrellas, and rubbers to protect the feet, will come in play. Those who have rubber coats would not go amiss to bring them. ARSH November 1, 1887, page 688.6

6. No matter how your tickets may read, be sure that your luggage is checked to Sixteenth street Station, Oakland, Cal., and hold your checks till you arrive there; do not give them to agents on the train, as wagons will be in waiting to transfer all baggage. ARSH November 1, 1887, page 688.7

7. If the above suggestions are followed, together with such others as good sense may dictate, the journey may be made with ease and pleasure. Finally, for the benefit of those living in Oakland, let the name of each man, woman, and child who is coming, be sent at once to see H. Jones, Pacific Press, Oakland, Cal. Let all send their names at once, and specify those who come as delegates. E. J. WAGGONER. ARSH November 1, 1887, page 688.8