The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, vol. 61

The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, Vol. 61


February 12, 1884

“Healdsburg College Items” The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald 61, 7.


E. J. Waggoner

Sabbath, January 19, was a good day for the Healdsburg church. The quarterly meeting, which had been postponed until after the State meeting, was held, and was well attended. Of the one hundred and thirty-five members, ninety-eight were present and bore testimony. These, with about a score who are members of other churches, united in the evening in celebrating the solemn ordinances of the Lord’s house. There was a degree of love manifested that was truly cheering. We believe that the good work recently begun will be carried forward to completion. ARSH February 12, 1884, page 102.1

The school prospects are encouraging. There are one hundred and twenty-four students in attendance, a very large majority of whom realize the importance of improving the present hour, and are taking hold of the work with an energy that promises success. We are glad to see an increased attendance this term on the part of those of more mature years. There are many more whom we would like to see here. ARSH February 12, 1884, page 102.2

The special Bible-class numbers thirty-eight. The law of God has been the subject of study thus far during the present term. Quite a number in this class are expecting to engage in active labor next summer. While the brethren are praying for the laborers already in the field, we hope that they will not forget those who are diligently preparing. ARSH February 12, 1884, page 102.3

Fifty-four of the students live at the College Boarding-hall, which is in fact a “Students’ Home.” The new students are getting used to the regulations of the house, and all the allotted tasks are performed with the least possible friction. We have never seen a more harmonious and happy family than the one at Healdsburg College. -E. J. W., in Signs of the Times. ARSH February 12, 1884, page 102.4