Sabbath Controversy in Allegan, Mich.

Sabbath Controversy in Allegan, Mich.

THE subject of this Tract is an article which appeared in the Allegan Record, of Jan. 28th on the inquiry, “What day is holy?” and our reply to the same. We give them in this form that the reader may have both sides of the question. SCAM 3.1

While we contended openly for the truth in Allegan, no man objected, but when we were gone, many were found to expose the so-called heresy. And this professed Watchman is among the opponents to the plain word of the Lord which declares “The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.” SCAM 3.2

We ever supposed it to be the duty of a Watchman to preach the Lord’s word. Not one text of Scripture however, is found in Watchman’s article to sustain his Sunday Sabbath. This article is a fair sample of the course pursued by these Sunday men. If they had a plain precept for Sunday how eagerly would they grasp and present it before us, and what a lasting relief would they find from all their toil in striving to build up a rival to God’s holy Sabbath. But as it stands, the Lord says “Seventh day” while they say First. Their great labor is to get the fact before the minds of the people, that Sunday was observed almost back to the days of the apostles, and this they will prove by history. If tracing a thing almost to the apostles makes it apostolic, then the Catholics would put the Pope’s Tiara on the head of St. Peter. “Watchman” introduces his article with the following remarks: SCAM 3.3

MESSRS. EDITORS: I am aware that the subject of this communication is a little one side from the general objects of your paper. But as all our political institutions recognize the First as the Sabbath, and as the efforts of certain zealots would subvert this order of things, and produce a very unpleasant state of things in the community, I sincerely hope you will find it consistent to insert this article. SCAM 4.1

Yours truly.
Allegan, Mich., Jan. 18, 1858.

For the Allegan Record.