Miller’s Works, vol. 2. Supplement


677. B. C. A. This was the period when Manasseh was carried to Babylon, and the ten tribes ceased to be a nation. Moses’s “seven times” and Ezekiel’s seven years begin here.

607. B. C. B. The captivity begins under Jehoichim. The beginning of the forty-nine Jubilees.

457. B. C. C. Beginning of the 2300 days of Daniel’s vision in the eighth chapter, concerning the Ram, He-Goat, and Little Horn.

158. B. C. D. The league formed between the Romans and Jews. Beginning of Hosea’s two days, or 2000 years. Hosea 6:1-33.Luke 13:31-33

4157. A. M. E. Birth of Christ.

33. A. D. + The Crucifixion. End of the seventy weeks.

508. A. D. F. Taking away (Pagan) “daily sacrifice.” Conversion of the “ten kings” to the Christian faith.

538. A. D. G. Rise of Papacy. Beginning of the 1260 years, or “time, times, and half a time.” Commencement of the civil power of the Pope, and his reign over the kings.

1299. A. D. H. One hundred and fifty years of the Fifth Trumpet. Beginning of the Ottoman Empire, by Othman, (Gibbon, vol. 4, p.299,) - or the “five months.” Revelation 9:5.

1449. A. D. I. The Sixth Trumpet begins to sound. Mohamet II. attacks the Greeks at Constantinople, and destroys the empire, A. D. 1453. This Trumpet was to sound 391 years and fifteen days. Revelation 9:15.

1840. A. D. J. Fall of the Ottoman power. Drying up of the river Euphrates. Beginning of the “Seventh Trumpet.”

1588. A. D. K. The war begins between Catholics and Protestants in Europe. 210 years, or “seven months,” in which the kings of Europe were destroying the Papal power.

1798. A. D. L. End of the Papal power over the kings in Europe.

508. A. D.]to] 538. A. D.] 10. Ten kings reign in the Roman world - thirty yearsbetween Pagan and Papal Rome. Revelation 17:12.

1798. A. D.]to] 1843. A. D.][[],Rev.Chap.10. Opening of the Little Book. 45 years to End

NOTES. The reader will find the different prophecies referred to in this Chart fully explained in Mr. Miller’s “Lectures” and “Views.” The page is given on the Chart. MWSV2 4.1