Last Day Tokens



Other Signs in the Moon-Cross in the Moon-Image on the Moon-Three Rainbow Rings around the Moon-Cross in the Moon, Two Extra Moons-A Fiery Moon-A Band of Light-Cross and Rainbow Arcs-A Year of Wonders-A Full Moon in Four Quarters, Each a Different Color-A Red Cross and Initial Letters-Wonder Seen in South Dakota, 1897-Two Circles and a Grecian Cross-Circles around the Moon-A Flaming Sword-Four Extra Suns and an Inverted Rainbow-Greek Cross Seen in Pennsylvania-A Remarkable Phenomenon

IN the previous chapter attention was called especially to wonderful phenomena connected with the sun. In tracing this subject further, it will be seen that there have been some strange and unaccountable appearances connected with the moon. It will be remembered that our Saviour, in mentioning the signs of His coming, said, “There shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon.” 1 Reference has already been made to the darkening of the moon, May 19, 1780. From the prophecy of Joel, and the book of Revelation, it will be observed that when this event should occur, the moon would appear “as blood.” 2 LDT 109.1

Milo Bostwick, of Camden, N. J., in speaking of the darkness of May 19, 1780, as witnessed by himself when sixteen years of age, said: “At noon we lit a candle, but it did not give light as in the night, and my father and mother could not see to read with two candles. My father and mother, who were pious, thought the day of judgment was near. They sat up that night, during the latter part of which, they said, the darkness disappeared, and the sky seemed as usual, but the moon, which was at its full, had the appearance of blood. The alarm that it caused and the frequent talks about it impressed it deep on my mind.” LDT 109.2

The appearance of the moon on that occasion, as above described, is in exact accord with the relation of the circumstance often made by my grandfather in my presence as he saw it at Trenton, N. J. He said, “When the moon appeared on that night, for some time it looked like a great ball of blood hung in the heavens.” LDT 110.1