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Berlin Wonder of 1829-Fiery Serpent in the Sky-A Serpent in the Sky-A Sword and a Crown-Sign in the Sun, in England-Sign in the Sun, in America, 1844-God’s Power Produces the Wonders-Wonderful Sun Rings-Other Wonderful Sun Rings-Rainbow Circles on the Sun-Rainbow Rings, Extra Suns-A Sight Witnessed at Acotlan, Mexico-An Evening Sun and Seven Stars-Four Extra Suns, Rainbow-Colored Arcs and Circles-Sun Wonder, Washington State, 1899-Sun Wonders in California-Sky Phenomenon in Sweden-South African Phenomena, May 12, 1909-A Great Battle in the Sky

IN answer to the question, “What shall be the sign of Thy coming?” our Saviour replies by saying, “Fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” 1 From this reply the conclusion would naturally be drawn that as the proclamation of the Lord’s near coming was given, signs and wonders in the heavens would be multiplied. That such has been the case will be clearly shown in the many wonderful and unexplainable sights that have appeared in the heavens from time to time, as related by the individuals themselves who observed them. LDT 62.1

From a work entitled “The End Comes,” written by Leonard Heinrich Kelber, and published in Stuttgart, Germany, in the year 1835, we quote as follows:— LDT 62.2

“In 1811, on March 20, in some parts of Silesia, there were three suns visible at the same time. LDT 62.3

“In 1814, April 14, in several parts of Russia, for a whole day, the real sun was covered with a cloud. On either side of the cloud appeared a clear sun. Under the clouded sun was a clear white cross, under the cross a serpent, under the serpent a sickle. On the opposite side of the heavens was the moon. LDT 62.4

“At the same date, in Bavaria, there appeared LDT 62.5


a clear white cross in the sky, which was visible for three days. LDT 64.1

“In 1826, December 14, in Stuttgart, Germany, from 9:30 A. M. till noon, two extra suns were visible, one on either side of the real sun. These extra suns had tails shooting out from them opposite the true sun, like comets’ tails. LDT 64.2


“In 1829, December 26, the Berlin journals state that on the morning of December 23, about forty-five minutes before sunrise, there appeared in the east three tall, perpendicular, purple columns. The sun arose under the middle column, when it glowed like burning coals of fire. Then the other two columns displayed, brightly, for some time, all the colors of the rainbow.” LDT 64.3

Coming down to the years 1843 and 1844, when the doctrine of the Lord’s near coming was proclaimed with great power to the world, signs in the heavens seemed very abundant. LDT 65.1