Last Day Tokens



MANY books have been written on the subject of prophecy, in which has been clearly shown from history the accurate fulfilment of the divine predictions. This book is not introduced to controvert any already in the field; but the writer takes up a line of comparison of prophecy with historical facts in a manner which he has not seen in print hitherto, trusting that a perusal of its pages may be of profit to the reader. LDT 3.1

Many people have but a limited idea of the vastness of the great second advent movement. In these pages your attention is called not only to the extent of that wide-spread message, which went forth from 1834 to 1844, but also to the accurate fulfilment of the specific signs of the coming of the great day of the Lord. LDT 3.2

Here also it is shown that at every step in the delivery of the advent message, both the time and manner of giving it were in harmony with what the prophetic word has recorded concerning this great and important subject. LDT 3.3

In this fourth edition a number of new illustrations will be found which were not in the former editions. Among these we call special attention to the scene witnessed on the Nimrod, in its south pole expedition, under Lieutenant Shackelton, in 1908-9-the curtains in the sky; and also to the wonderful appearance around the sun in California, March 1, 1908. The standing of the work at present writing, is also given, which will show the remarkable advancement of this cause since the third edition of the book was printed. J. N. LOUGHBOROUGH. Lodi, California. LDT 3.4