Mortal or Immortal? Which?



THAT the perusal of the following pages may be understandingly entered upon, we propose here to state in brief what we believe the Bible teaches concerning the subjects of which they treat. We believe, then, that the Bible teaches, MOI 3.1

First, That man has no inherent immortal principle in his nature. MOI 3.2

Second, That consequently no part of him remains in a separate, conscious state, in death, but that the whole man lies in unconsciousness till called to new life by the resurrection. MOI 3.3

Third, That immortality and eternal life are proffered through Christ alone, and will be conferred upon those only who have an interest in him. MOI 3.4

Fourth, That consequently the wicked will not exist forever in misery. But, MOI 3.5

Fifth, That the wicked will be punished in a future state; that they will be rewarded every man according to his deeds; but that they will receive this punishment at the hands of God whose mercy is co-equal with his justice, and who will suffer them to go back to their original elements, and cease from existence, as entitled to no name nor place in all the universe of God. MOI 3.6

To give our reasons for this position, and show the Bible ground upon which it rests, briefly, is the object of the following pages. Of the opportuneness of this subject, we need not speak to any who are exposed to the foul embrace and pestilential breath of Spiritualism. We believe this doctrine to be, if not the only, at least the most effectual, antidote to that unhallowed delusion. For if it be a truth that man sleeps unconsciously in death, we know that whatever intelligence comes to us, professing to be the departed spirit of a dead man, comes with a lie in its mouth, and thus proves itself to be of the synagogue of Satan. MOI 4.1

May the good effects of this little work be commensurate with the honest purpose and pure intentions of the writer, and no more could be asked. U.S. MORTAL OR IMMORTAL? WHICH? MOI 4.2