Christian Service


There Must Be Action

I was shown God's people waiting for some change to take place,—a compelling power to take hold of them. But they will be disappointed, for they are wrong. They must act; they must take hold of the work themselves, and earnestly cry to God for a true knowledge of the work themselves. The scenes which are passing before us are of sufficient magnitude to cause us to arouse, and urge the truth home to the hearts of all who will listen. The harvest of the earth is nearly ripe.—Testimonies for the Church 1:261. ChS 82.4

Everything in the universe calls upon those who know the truth to consecrate themselves unreservedly to the proclamation of the truth as it has been made known to them in the third angel's message. That which we see and hear calls us to our duty. The working of satanic agencies calls every Christian to stand in his lot.—Testimonies for the Church 9:25, 26. ChS 83.1

The message of Christ's soon coming is to be given to all the nations of the earth. Vigilant, untiring effort is required to overcome the forces of the enemy. Our part is not to sit still and weep and wring our hands, but to arise and work for time and for eternity.—The Southern Watchman, May 29, 1902. ChS 83.2

“Do something, do it soon, with all thy might;
An angel's wing would droop if long at rest;
And God Himself, inactive, were no longer blest.” Testimonies for the Church 5:308.
ChS 83.3

Let no one think that he is at liberty to fold his hands and do nothing. That any one can be saved in indolence and inactivity is an utter impossibility. Think of what Christ accomplished during His earthly ministry. How earnest, how untiring, were His efforts! He allowed nothing to turn Him aside from the work given Him. Are we following in His footsteps?—The Colporteur Evangelist, 38. ChS 83.4

Divine and human agencies are combined in the work of saving souls. God has done His part, and Christian activity is needed now. God calls for this. He expects His people to bear a part in presenting the light of truth to all nations. Who will enter into this partnership with the Lord Jesus Christ?—The Review and Herald, March 1, 1887. ChS 83.5

The church must be a working church if it would be a living church. It should not be content merely to hold its own ground against the opposing forces of sin and error, not be content to advance with dilatory step, but it should bear the yoke of Christ, and keep step with the Leader, gaining new recruits along the way.—The Review and Herald, August 4, 1891. ChS 83.6

We have only a little while to urge the warfare; then Christ will come, and this scene of rebellion will close. Then our last efforts will have been made to work with Christ and advance His kingdom. Some who have stood in the forefront of the battle, zealously resisting incoming evil, fall at the post of duty; others gaze sorrowfully at the fallen heroes, but have no time to cease work. They must close up the ranks, seize the banner from the hand palsied by death, and with renewed energy vindicate the truth and the honor of Christ. As never before, resistance must be made against sin,—against the powers of darkness. The time demands energetic and determined activity on the part of those who believe present truth. They should teach the truth by both precept and example.—The Review and Herald, October 25, 1881. ChS 84.1

The Lord now calls upon Seventh-day Adventists in every locality to consecrate themselves to Him, and to do their very best, according to their circumstances, to assist in His work.—Testimonies for the Church 9:132. ChS 84.2

Idleness and religion do not go hand in hand; and the cause of our great deficiency in the Christian life and experience is inactivity in the work of God. The muscles of your body will become weak and useless if they are not kept in exercise, and it is so with the spiritual nature. If you would be strong, you must exercise your powers.—The Review and Herald, March 13, 1888. ChS 84.3

We are to be diligent workers; an idle man is a miserable creature. But what excuse can be offered for idleness in the great work which Christ gave His life to accomplish? The spiritual faculties cease to exist if they are not exercised, and it is Satan's design that they shall perish. All heaven is actively engaged in the work of preparing a people for the second coming of Christ to our world, and “we are laborers together with God.” The end of all things is at hand. Now is our opportunity to work.—The Review and Herald, January 24, 1893. ChS 84.4

It is heart missionaries that are needed. Spasmodic efforts will do little good. We must arrest the attention. We must be deeply in earnest.—Testimonies for the Church 9:45. ChS 85.1

There are among us those who, if they would take time to consider, would regard their do-nothing position as a sinful neglect of their God-given talents.—Testimonies for the Church 6:425. ChS 85.2

What is our position in the world? We are in the waiting time. But this period is not to be spent in abstract devotion. Waiting, watching, and vigilant working are to be combined. Our life should not be all bustle and drive and planning about the things of the world, to the neglect of personal piety and of the service that God requires. While we should not be slothful in business, we should be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. The lamp of the soul must be trimmed, and we must have the oil of grace in our vessels with our lamps. Every precaution must be used to prevent spiritual declension, lest the day of the Lord overtake us as a thief.—Testimonies for the Church 5:276. ChS 85.3

We are living in an age when there is to be no spiritual idleness. Every soul is to be charged with the heavenly current of life.—Testimonies for the Church 8:169. ChS 85.4

Crowd all the good works you possibly can into this life.—Testimonies for the Church 5:488. ChS 85.5

Jesus would have all who profess His name become earnest workers. It is necessary that every individual member build upon the rock Christ Jesus. A storm is arising that will wrench and test the spiritual foundation of everyone to the utmost. Therefore avoid the sandbed; hunt for the rock. Dig deep; lay your foundation sure. Build, oh, build for eternity! Build with tears, with heartfelt prayers. Let every one of you, from henceforth, make your life beautiful by good works. Calebs are the men most needed in these last days.—Testimonies for the Church 5:129, 130. ChS 85.6