Christian Service


Special Training

Greater efforts should be put forth to educate the people in the principles of health reform. Cooking schools should be established, and house-to-house instruction should be given in the art of cooking wholesome food. Old and young should learn how to cook more simply. Wherever the truth is presented, the people are to be taught how to prepare food in a simple, yet appetizing way. They are to be shown that a nourishing diet can be provided without the use of flesh foods.—Testimonies for the Church 9:161. ChS 59.4

In every place where there is a church, instruction should be given in regard to the preparation of simple, wholesome foods, for the use of those who wish to live in accordance with the principles of health. And the church members should impart to the people of their neighborhoods the light they receive on this subject.—Gospel Workers, 362. ChS 60.1