Christian Service


Christian Service


The desire to place in the hands of all Christian workers, instruction bearing specifically upon the need, importance, methods, and reward of earnest, consecrated missionary endeavor, has led to a comprehensive survey of the field of inspired literature, and resulted in bringing together, in convenient form, the quotations comprising this volume, which may appropriately be termed an Encyclopedia of Christian Service. ChS 3.1

It is by no means claimed that the following pages furnish an exhaustive compilation from the writings of the Spirit of prophecy on the broad subject of Christian service, but merely that they afford a safe path into the rich and extensive mines of research, wherein the Christian worker may go deeper into the vein of truth regarding the science of soul winning. ChS 3.2

In culling from the various sources of information, conscientious care has been exercised to preserve the proper setting of the thought expressed by the author. It is hoped that the selections will be found invaluable to ministers and leaders in all lines of church work, and will be appreciated by all men and women whose hearts have been touched by the spirit of the Great Missionary, and who have “understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.” ChS 3.3

Grateful acknowledgment is hereby made to the secretarial force of the General Conference Home Missionary Department, general and local, and to other Christian workers, who have rendered valuable assistance in reading and marking various books for this compilation, and whose suggestions and hearty approval have meant much in the thoroughness and completeness of the task. ChS 3.4

General Conference Home Missionary Department

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