Christian Service


Wealthy Men of Bible Times

This Ethiopian was a man of good standing and of wide influence. God saw that when converted, he would give others the light he had received, and would exert a strong influence in favor of the gospel. Angels of God were attending this seeker for light, and he was being drawn to the Saviour. By the ministration of the Holy Spirit, the Lord brought him into touch with one who could lead him to the light.—The Acts of the Apostles, 107. ChS 204.4

When the Jews were trying to destroy the infant church, Nicodemus came forward in its defense. No longer cautious and questioning, he encouraged the faith of the disciples, and used his wealth in helping to sustain the church at Jerusalem and in advancing the work of the gospel. Those who in other days had paid him reverence, now scorned and persecuted him; and he became poor in this world's goods; yet he faltered not in the defense of his faith.—The Acts of the Apostles, 105. ChS 205.1