Christian Service


Slothful Neglect

There has been a slothful neglect and a criminal unbelief among us as a people, which has kept us back from doing the work God has left us to do in letting our light shine forth to those of other nations.—Life Sketches, 213. ChS 200.5

I have been shown that, as a people, we have been asleep as to our duty in regard to getting the light before those of other nations.—Life Sketches, 212. ChS 200.6

We are not keeping pace with the opening providence of God. Jesus and angels are at work. This cause is onward, while we are standing still and being left in the rear. If we would follow the opening providence of God, we should be quick to discern every opening, and make the most of every advantage within our reach, to let the light extend and spread to other nations.—Life Sketches, 212, 213. ChS 201.1