A Tract, Showing that the Seventh Day Should be Observed as the Sabbath, Instead of the First Day


The substance of the following pages, was first published in “The Hope of Israel,” Feb. 28, 1845 TSSD 2.1

Believing however as I do, the subject contained in this little Tract, to be of great importance, and wishing to do what I can, to present this truth to the true children of God; I deem it my duty to publish it is the present form, with an enlargement, that it may have as wide a circulation as possible. That the blessing of God may attend it, Is the prayer of the Author. TSSD 2.2

March, 1845.

A few Questions for the Reader to Answer, before Reading the following Pages. -What authority have you in the Old or New Testament, to keep any day as a Sabbath, or day of rest? TSSD 2.3

Do you find any command in the New Testament? If not, who do you not observe the day that is appointed in the 4th Commandment? TSSD 2.4

Has the day ever been change? If so, when and where? Please point to the chapter and verse. TSSD 2.5

When you was a child, did not your parents and other who taught you to keep “Sunday holy,” direct you to the “Fourth Commandment” as authority fro keeping it thus? Did you ever think of the inconsistency?- The commandment says the seventh day, and you taught to keep the first. TSSD 2.6

How could you reprove a person for working, or doing any thin else on Sunday, or first day of the week, as the same as which makes it wrong to work, etc., on “God’s holy day,” commands the observance of the seventh day, instead of the first? TSSD 2.7