A Tract, Showing that the Seventh Day Should be Observed as the Sabbath, Instead of the First Day


The word Sabbath, signifies rest: That of Sunday, is so called because it was dedicated to the Sun, by the heathen nations in the north of Europe. TSSD 11.1

Idolatry we see in this, then. TSSD 11.2

The word Sunday, never occurs in the Bible, and in no instance is the word Sabbath applied to the first day of the week, but always refers to the seventh day. TSSD 11.3

It is said that the same portion of time which constituted the seventh day from creation, could not be observed in all parts of the earth, on account of the different degrees of latitude and longitude. TSSD 11.4

The objection, however, amounts to nothing in my mind, as the Sun must rise on this continent at the same time as at the creation of the world. Therefore, though the Sun must rise on this continent at the same time as at the creation of the world. Therefore, though the Sun may rise at a different time in Palestine from what it does here, yet it will make no difference in the time of our beginning the Sabbath on Friday evening, and end on Saturday evening. TSSD 11.5

The question is frequently asked, whether it would not be best now, as the practice of keeping the first day has become so general, to continue to observe it, although it is not the true Sabbath, as a change of days would make it so difficult to manage our worldly affairs—go to meeting, etc., etc.? TSSD 11.6

This question may be easily answered by asking another, namely: “Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto men more than unto God, judge ye.” TSSD 11.7

I know by experience that there are some difficulties in the way of keeping God’s Sabbath. But what of that? This wicked would have always opposed the truth, and those who practice it, and they always will. But for one, I had rather obey God, and have his approbation here, and finally enjoy the blessings of the new earth—though all men hate me—than to have the good opinion of men here, and perish at last. Or in other words, and in the language of another, “I had rather go to Heaven alone, than to Hell, with the multitude.” And as we have every reason to be daily looking for the Lord to come and call us to judgment, may the reader and the writer, keep all the commands of God, that we may be ready for that day. TSSD 11.8