Testimony for the Church. — No. 20


Testimony for the Church—No. 20

This Number

To all those who recognize the voice of God in the gift of prophecy, as manifested in connection with the cause of present truth, this number of the Testimonies will possess especial interest. T20 2.1

1. “How to Conduct Meetings” is invaluable. T20 2.2

2. “How Shall we Keep the Sabbath” is important. T20 2.3

3. “Christian Recreation” is a subject that should be understood. This was reported as spoken before two hundred who were enjoying a season of innocent recreation beside Goguac Lake, near Battle Creek, May, 1870. T20 2.4

4. The Dreams given are of thrilling interest. May the great facts they illustrate deeply impress the reader. T20 2.5

5. “Camp-Meetings” are a matter of interest just now. This article sets forth the pure spirit of sacrifice, and the duty of the times. T20 2.6

6. And let all read the “Address to Ministers” with especial care. This also was reported as spoken before the General Conference of 1871. T20 2.7

7. We have not space to further particularize. God grant that the reader may be stirred to duty by the appeals in this work. T20 2.8

J. W.