Ms 234, 1902

Ms 234, 1902

Diary Material


November 1902

Previously unpublished.

Christ was with the church [in the wilderness]. He was the Angel of the Covenant who went before them, but He was greatly grieved and provoked with their unbelief and their perverse ways. They spoke against God and Moses, “Wherefore have ye brought us out of Egypt to die in the wilderness?” [Numbers 21:5.] It was the unbelief and continual misdoings for which God could not work with them; and the Lord permitted plagues to come upon them. Many were stung to death by serpents. 17LtMs, Ms 234, 1902, par. 1

And there are many with whom the Lord is grieved who have had line upon line and precept upon precept. If any Testimonies come from the Lord, which He sends in mercy to correct their course of action, reproving and admonishing them, they will sow seeds of doubts in other minds saying, “Someone has told Sister White.” Thus they cast aside the warnings given to save them from themselves, from following their own perverse devisings and placing themselves where they will be led farther and farther by Satan into false ways, [discrediting] the light God has given them through His appointed agencies. They are displeased, because they are interrupted in their course of action, [acting] out their words in long talks to convince all they can that the words spoken were not true. They are warring and quarreling with Jesus Christ who loves them and would save them from themselves. They are their own worst enemies and will fall at last in following the pernicious ways [of those] by whom the truth is ill-spoken of. They quarrel with God. They would displace the ones of God's approval. 17LtMs, Ms 234, 1902, par. 2