Ms 202, 1898


Ms 202, 1898

Diary/Education for our Time


Circa 1898

Previously unpublished.

I would that every Christian in our churches at the present day would awaken to a sense of that education their children need. There is stern, earnest work to be done in the home and the school. Those who have not been diligent to teach their children line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, exercising all patience, have made a mistake. There is not to be any relaxing of the efforts to secure the obedience that should be ever enjoined upon the children, but many parents are asleep, as if they had no Bible to direct them in the training of their children, and the children have, many of them, come up undisciplined in heart, and life, and character. While this is the case, parents are constantly embracing the truth, and this brings a different viewing of the children to the case. There is a waking up to see that their children need a work done for them that they had not done. Ms202-1898.1

There has been a school established in Cooranbong and at large expense that children and youth and men and women may become educated to become workers together with God. If parents feel that this is the work to be done, why not make every effort possible to have your children attend the school at Cooranbong? We have the most complete faculty we have hitherto had, and that education which is given in John 6 shows the importance of feeding upon Christ's words as the very flesh of Christ and His blood. Of all matters of importance, youth should be educated in regard to the law of Jehovah and the penalty of transgression. But Christ would have the children and youth understand that God accepts the ransom made by the Saviour in behalf of themselves if they are obedient to the law of Jehovah. Ms202-1898.2

The school is established to combine the studies of the Scriptures and the lessons from nature which will give knowledge of a superior character. Children are not to be idle but learning the industries of trade and knowledge in agricultural lines which prove a success everywhere. Let our young people understand that the highest study, the most perfect and complete knowledge of science and history, all language and all lines of book study—all knowledge—will not be of the least avail to secure for one soul eternal life. The education attained in the Bible lessons in regard to the knowledge of truth, the knowledge of sins forgiven, and a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ's forgiving, pardoning of their sins will be the highest class of education, and without this, all the education any mind is capable of receiving will not secure that transfer to the higher school where the instruction is continually going forward. But without this hope, all the future life is lost. Ms202-1898.3

Parents, can you take it in? Miss what you will in this life but do not miss that class of education which is fitting your children at school to learn that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The wisdom of men in God-given talents is valuable, but experience will prove that the wisdom of God is indispensable, for it alone can unfold the mysteries of the plan of salvation. And yet many young men and young women who think they are wise are willingly ignorant of the things that pertain to eternal life. Whatever you may miss in the line of human knowledge, you will make an utter failure unless eternal interests are considered, unless you will make decided efforts for the life beyond. You want the righteousness of Christ. Were the Sun of righteousness to withdraw His beams of light from the world, we should be left in the utter darkness of eternal night. Ms202-1898.4

Jesus Christ is the great Teacher. He spake as never man spake. He poured out to men the whole treasure of heaven in wisdom and knowledge. He is the light of life. Every phase of truth was evident to Him. Christ never uttered uncertain sentiments and opinions. He spoke the words of life eternal, truth that needs no revising, truth established upon eternal principles. Ms202-1898.5

We want all parents who can to obtain the advantages of the school this year. The school had made buildings to accommodate students. We have a deep interest in your children. We want that they should have every advantage. Perilous times are upon us and we need now to secure knowledge that our children have every advantage and learn how to understand the Scriptures. Do everything possible for your children that they will have a place for the future, immortal life. Ms202-1898.6

The Lord calls for the youth to be converted and to become missionaries at home and missionaries abroad, to be workers with Christ, to win souls to Christ. Why do men give precedence to the things of this world? We ask you, fathers and mothers, cut away your expense in some other lines [rather than] the school. Mothers, each of you make an effort to send your children to the next term of school we shall have this year. We will need to work most earnestly on the Lord's side, else the enemy will obtain your children. We want that these youth will see new charms in the living oracles, for divine beauty and celestial light shines upon the Word of God; in every passage is food. The Word is a living pasture for the spiritual mind and becomes a land of living streams. That which to the unrenewed heart appears as barren waste, to the converted one becomes the garden of God covered with fragrant buds and blossoming flower. Ms202-1898.7

In the days of Christ, teachers instructed their children in customs and traditions and fables mingled with their own sayings and their own opinions, but there was so little of heaven's rays of light that the teachers did not elevate, ennoble, and strengthen the soul. When Christ preached the word, pure and unadulterated, can we wonder that crowds followed His footsteps and gave praise and honor and glory as they listened to His words? He rescued truths from the rubbish of error and freed them from the exactions and traditions of men and bade them stand fast forever. He made truth to shine in its original luster. Ms202-1898.8

God is the Author of truth. Shall we not become intensely in earnest in securing light and knowledge? Will you not help us to secure students from the churches to become charmed with the heavenly truths of the living Word of God? I would that every family shall understand the advantages to be gained and will not let this period pass by and let our churches tell if they cannot send students from the churches. I am responsible for quite a large number of students every term. Will you help me in the good work of selecting students for the school? It will be for the saving of the souls and fitting them up to fit other students—everyone who is striving to live a Christian life. The Bible is taught in our school at Cooranbong. The Word of God is the highest authority in all matters of truth. We have in this term a great desire that parents should take more than an ordinary interest to have their children qualified for the instruction of church schools, and to be fitted up to do the missionary work they can and should do. Ms202-1898.9