Experiences in Australia


Experiences in Australia - By Ellen G. White

Introductory Note

It was Ellen White’s intention to publish a volume telling the story of her pioneering work in Australia, drawing from her diaries, sermons, letters, and counsels. By the time of her death, a large amount of material had been gathered and typed, but not completed. That material is presented here, divided chronologically into four sections: 1891-1892, 1893, 1894, 1895-1899. The pagination in the text given within parentheses, such as (285), is the pagination found in the White Estate’s copy; however, it is often irregular, with some pages missing, due to the incomplete nature of the working manuscript. Text between < > symbols represents handwritten notations by Ellen White on the typescript. EA 1.1

The Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.
July 2015
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