The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1



Ms 2, 1850

[January 9, 1850, Oswego, New York]1 1EGWLM 188.4

The Need for The Present Truth. 1EGWLM 188.5

This manuscript is published in entirety in Arthur L. White, Ellen G. White: The Early Years, p. 172. 1EGWLM 188.6

The importance of continuing support for The Present Truth paper. 1EGWLM 188.7

I saw the paper and that it was needed.2 That souls were hungry for the truth that must be written in the paper. I saw that if the paper stopped for want of means, and those hungry sheep died for want of the paper, it would not be James’ [James Springer White] fault, but it would be the fault of those to whom God had lent His money to be faithful stewards over, and they let it lie idle; and the blood of souls would be upon their garments. I saw that the paper should go, and if they let it die, they would weep in anguish soon. I saw that God did not want James to stop yet, but he must write, write, write, write, and speed the message and let it go. I saw that it would go where God's servants cannot go. 1EGWLM 188.8

Picture: First number of The Present Truth, published by James White. Original dimensions (H x W): 9.5 x 6 in. (24 x 15.2 cm.).