The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


WILCOX, Henry H. (1819-1911) and (first wife) Diadama (c. 1825-1892) and (second wife) Eliza Anna (c. 1822-1896) and (third wife) Mary A. (1859-?)

Born in Oswego County, New York, Henry Wilcox was originally a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and a shoemaker by trade. He first became acquainted with Sabbatarian Adventists about 1854 and in 1860 began “lecturing on the prophecies” in northern New York. Among his earlier contacts were two brothers, Francis McLellan Wilcox and Milton Charles Wilcox—not related to Henry—later editors of the Review and Signs of the Times, respectively. Henry was ordained to the ministry in 1881. 1EGWLM 911.1

In 1890 Ellen White counted Wilcox among the “old standard-bearers” with whom “we have been acquainted … for the last forty years.” Her earliest mention of him is in 1859, when she with her husband “ate our luncheon at Brother Wilcox's” while attending meetings in Mannsville, New York. 1EGWLM 911.2

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