The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


SMITH, Uriah (1832-1903) and Harriet Newall (1831-1911)

Editor and author, Uriah Smith was born in New Hampshire. As a boy he participated in the closing stages of the Millerite movement and was baptized as a Sabbatarian Adventist in 1852. Because of his literary skill Smith was invited to join the Review and Herald office in 1853, rapidly rising to the position of editor by 1855. In 1857 Uriah married Harriet Stevens, a coworker, the daughter of Cyprian and Almira Stevens. Until his death in 1903 Smith served, with only brief interruptions, as either editor or associate editor of the Review. 1EGWLM 890.6

Best known of the many books Smith authored were his expositions on the prophecies of Revelation (Thoughts … on the Book of Revelation, 1867) and Daniel (Thoughts … on the Book of Daniel, 1873). These two books were later combined into one volume, went through several editions, and are still in print. Uriah Smith also served in various administrative positions, most notably as executive secretary of the General Conference for a total of about 20 years, and taught Bible subjects at Battle Creek College. 1EGWLM 891.1

Uriah Smith was connected with Ellen White as a friend and colleague for 50 years and was one of the staunchest defenders of her prophetic gift, as evidenced in many articles and books. His biographer, Eugene Durand, notes that despite his public defense, Smith sometimes found it difficult to accept testimonies of warning and reproof directed at himself. Durand gives examples of Smith initially rejecting or denying the accuracy of such personal testimonies but later confessing that they had been right on target. Uriah's wife, Harriet, the recipient of a number of strong reproofs from Ellen White in the 1850s and 1860s, remained a faithful member of the Battle Creek church to the time of her death. 1EGWLM 891.2

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